The Evolution of Facility Management Bucharest, 20 October 2015, by

Once upon a time, in an office just around the corner, a light bulb went out. The president of the company who was sitting under the light at the time, was too busy to stop to fix it, so he called read more

MPs demand removal of asbestos from all buildings , 01 January 1970, by

MPs have put forward plans to remove all traces of asbestos from buildings by 2035.

A report from the all-party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Safety and Health wants to see a

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Integrated Electrical Components: One Solution to the Skilled Construction Labor Shortage , 01 January 1970, by

The construction industry is notoriously cyclical in nature, rising and falling along with changes to

interest rates, demand and even the weather. That, of course, creates challenges for read more